Shattered glass and battered, boring doors may not be the most welcoming sight for the right people if we’re talking commercial buildings. That is why choosing and maintaining windows and doors can be a chore for commercial clients because of how much they contribute to first impressions. That is where Mazarini comes in to make things easier for you with a wide collection to choose from and experts to install them!


At Mazarini we offer a great variety of window styles and door designs for our clients to choose from. Some of the options we provide are

  • Single hung windows that have a mobile lower sash
  • Double hung windows that have two mobile sashes, the upper sash being slid able.
  • Awning Windows that open outwards by rotating on top of the sash. These are crank operated and often paired with picture windows and are also installed above doors.

Casement windows, fixed windows, patio windows are some more options available. Mazarini makes sure to give you a long list of options to choose from according to your taste and overall building design, but there’s a catch to it. All of our products pair style with durability and are as weather proof as windows and doors can be. We are here to help you choose the fanciest, most durable styles!


Mazarini provides its clients with a variety of materials and designs so you can customise your favorite designs on your preferred materials. We understand that choosing a door that represents your taste the best is critical. Your choice of fixture reflects who you are as a person and we know that very well. Some of the most common door frame materials favored by many of our clients are

  • Timber/wood doors
  • Battened and Ledged doors
  • Framed and Paneled doors
  • Flush Doors
  • Glass Doors
  • Steel doors

Allow our experts to figure out your taste and a material and design most compatible with both your taste and needs. Let us find you the best!


At Mazarini, our expert team makes sure to figure out your material of choice to guide you forward with the selection process. Our aim is to make you stand out with the best quality, and durable windows and doors that can stand harsh weather conditions and are easy to maintain. All while remaining in your budget, which we take into serious consideration when finding windows and doors that best fulfill your requirements. Not only do we have the finest options, we also install them and provide maintenance services. We’re here to help you stand out. Visit us today!

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